Gentle on our bodies and our Earth

Earth's Natural Alternative® boasts a complete line of Eco-Friendly products that meet the needs of the Eco-Conscious Consumer.  

Our product line is made from annually renewable plant fibers-NOT paper; thus saving our Earth's precious trees.  ENA's entire line is completely compostable in a commercial composting facility or by burial; decreasing waste in our landfills and our products leave no harmful residue in the environment.   

ENA's disposable food service/tableware products are made from wheat straw fibers.  Our products are Gluten-Free, Unbleached, contain no added dye, wax or plastic lining.

Earth's Natural Alternative's® bath tissues are made from bamboo and sugarcane fiber, 100% Tree-Free.  Our soft absorbent tissue is whitened without chlorine or chlorine compounds making us hypo-allergenic and gentle for sensitive skins.  ENA bath tissue is safe to use in all septic systems and marine systems. 

Earth's Natural Alternative is innovative and offering alternatives in daily products which are safer and better for our Earth.  Our newest addition includes household supplies and specialty items.  Our trigger sprayers are 100% recyclable, they contain no metal parts,  preventing them from rusting and allows them to be recycled.  

We are proud to launch a one of a kind concept the Grab & Go Eco Picnic Pack.  Complete set of Eco Friendly items in a compostable carrying case to take along on your adventures, picnics, outdoor concerts, backyard BBQ's and more.   

Going green does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.  

Our goal is to make "going green" affordable to all!