Grab & Go Eco Picnic Pack

Made from corn starch and sugar cane fiber, our biobased picnic pack is elegant and convenient.  Choosing our product means doing your part to help protect our Earth.  No trees harmed in making these products.  Greatly reduce the use of plastics.  

  • Your new on the go best friend; complete set includes:

    • 114-pieces with service for 16

    • 9" 3-compartment plate

    • 7" side plate

    • 12oz beverage cup (made from corn starch)

    • Forks and Knives (made from corn starch)

    • Dinner Napkins

    • 84"x54" one time use tablecloths (made from corn starch)

  • Certified compostable* and biodegradable

  • Durable and sturdy, for hot or cold foods

  • Made from vegetable starch

  • Made with no GMO's and no polyethylene

* In commercial composting facilities.