Earth's Natural Alternative®

Tree Free Paper


Our Tree-Free Papers are 100% biodegradable, Made without added dyes or fragrances, Whitened without chlorine or chlorine compounds, Hypo-allergenic, Gentle on sensitive skin, Septic and Marine Safe.

Tree-Free unbleached TP.jpg

Bath Tissue

2 ply 400 sheet Single roll Premium White Bath Tissue // Case of 48 rolls

Made from a blend of sugarcane and bamboo fibers. Soft, white, and absorbent. Fast-dissolving, safe for all septic systems.

Tree-Free paper towel.jpg

Kitchen Towels

13”x13” Premium 2-ply Napkins // 100 Per pack 24 packs / case
Made from straw fibers
100% biodegradable
Made without added dyes or fragrances
Gentle on sensitive skin

Tree-Free Tissue long box.jpg

Facial Tissue

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